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Facts and Statistics About Ames

Ames is known for its healthy, stable economy, flourishing cultural environment, and Iowa State University. The small town atmosphere with the amenities of a big city, make Ames a comfortable place to call home. Ames is striving to become the best -- and we're almost there...

Ames was recently ranked second best out of 189 other small cities in America by a book The New Rating Guide to Life in America's Small Cities. The rating is based on factors such as climate/environment, diversions, economics, education, community assets, health care, public safety, transportation, and urban proximity.

Story County 74,252


    Average winter temp: 21.3 degrees
    Average summer temp: 71.9 degrees

    Average annual rainfall: 32.1 inches
    Average annual snowfall: 31.6 inches


    Near the crossroads of I-35 and I-80, Ames is located at the center 
    of the state of Iowa.   Interstate road systems place Ames a half-day 
    or less drive from Minneapolis, Kansas City, Omaha, and Chicago.  
    Des Moines, Iowa's State Capitol, is only 30 minutes away.

Distances to other cities in the Midwest
Minneapolis 223 miles
Chicago 377 miles
Kansas City 222 miles
Omaha 164 miles
Des Moines 35 miles
St. Louis 400 miles
Sioux Falls 265 miles

Source: http://www.ames.ia.us/communit.htm

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